Svg Scalable Vector City Map Kecskemét, Ketschkemet



This city map is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) map of Kecskemét .
It allows a continuously zoom and is well supported by all modern web browsers. SVG files are well-suited for post processing, you can easily extend or modify the map after the download with the help of SVG editors like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. Both allow the map export into the Adobe EPS file format.

All vector city map elements are structured and well organized into layers. Therewith you can easily hide not required elements and modify the map to your needs.

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International Names: Ketschkemet

Country / Area: Kecskeméti kistérség;Bács-Kiskun megye;Dél-Alföld;Magyarország

Population: 111724

Map Set Type: SVG scalable vector city map

Map Set Size: 0,7 MB

Last Update: Friday, October 27, 2017


1400m x 1400m SVG example map:

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Svg Scalable Vector City Map  Kecskemét

The Jpg preview below shows the coverage of the full size (12Km x 12Km) ultra high detail SVG vector city map.

12Km x 12Km Jpg ultra high detail preview map:
Kecskemét Ketschkemet  jpg ultra high detail preview vector city map

Terms of use:
The map is royalty-free. After the payment you can use the map where and how often you want. You are allowed to copy or modify, print or reuse the map.There are no commercial usage restrictions.
Since the map is based on Openstreetmap data, the map must contain the copyright hint: "Data CC BY-SA by OpenStreetMap".
By ordering the map, you accept the license agreement above.

Map Set Content:
1x Ultra high resolution SVG vector city map for Web/Inkscape (All street names, Relief, Public transport system, Buildings)*
1x Ultra high resolution SVG vector city map for Adobe Illustrator (All street names, Relief, Public transport system, Buildings)*

On request we convert the vector city map free of charge into the following file formats:
AI (Adobe Illustrator)
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

*As far as available for this city. Check preview map(s) above for details

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